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For the first time ever this is about me.

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The most frightening thing I can think of right now is liking someone so much and giving them the power to do what they want with that like and hoping that they’ll do something good and constructive that will make it all whole and happy. But there’s that chance. That the same thing will happen like all the other times before and they’ll take that special like you’ve given them and throw it away. But it’ll hurt the most out of every other like because this time you really gave it a chance. This time you decided earnestness was the right answer even if It didn’t result in something whole and good.

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There’s no use in regret. You can’t change anything.
Your mother died unhappy with the way you turned
out. You and your father were not on speaking terms
when he died, and you left your wife for no good
reason. Well, it’s past. You may as well regret missing
out on the conquest of Mexico. That would have been
just your kind of thing back when you were eighteen:
a bunch of murderous Spaniards, out to destroy a
culture and get rich. On the other hand, the Aztecs
were no great shakes either. It’s hard to know whom
to root for in this situation. The Aztecs thought they
had to sacrifice lots of people to keep the sun coming
up every day. And it worked. The sun rose every day.
But it was backbreaking labor, all that sacrificing.
The priests had to call in the royal family to help,
and their neighbors, the gardener, the cooks…. You
can see how this is going to end. You are going to
have your bloody, beating heart ripped out, but you
are going to have to stand in line, in the hot sun, for
hours, waiting your turn.
Louis Jenkins  (via okaymarsha)
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Pee. Walk around apartment. Drink some water. Check out dishes stacked in sink. Drink milk from carton. Get back in bed. Shower. Get back in bed. Think about clothes. Pull covers over head. Listen to soft music. Don’t put makeup on. Don’t comb hair. Run for the bus.

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You’re allowed to have fun. I’m allowed to have fun. Let me have fun.

I will have fun.
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Maybe I need to learn how to just say thank you when complimented. There’s no reason I should feel like I have to explain why my hair is straight and shimmery and not in a nappy bun or why I’m wearing a dress instead of pants and sneakers. But am I the only one who has noticed how loaded it can feel when someone says “wow…you look nice today”???

Like. Why did that shit sound so accusatory leaving your mouth? Why you gotta try and make me feel bad for looking cute? Why you gotta act like I’m tryna show out cause I took a damn shower and did my hair?

I feel like people try to test you with that shit. And I’m sick of that self deprecating shit. There’s a point where it crosses the line from feigning humility to actually attacking your psyche. And I for one am never down for that. Im okay with telling you how pretty/handsome/cute you are all day till you get sick of hearing that shit if I feel the need. I don’t want it or expect the same in return but let me live my quiet life without you aggressively complimenting me in some backhanded, Mean Girl way.

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